Evotec G4

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Loop Evotec Reel

The Loop Evotec Reel series has a proven track record as one of the finest fly fishing reels ever produced. The quality of design and precision engineering coupled with a superb drag system have made it a world leader which others follow and aspire to copy.

The current Loop Evotec G4 Fly Reel is produced in a stylish black anodised aluminium finish, but you can embellish this with a choice of alternativeattractive anodised spool colours: orange, green or blue.

Loop Evotec G4 Reels

The Evotec Reel series have, at long last, been re-designed. More unique than ever with the L-shaped logo that ties together our line of fly reels.

Interiorwise it is the same powerhouse of a reel, with the strong, and yet smooth, Power Matrix drag system that will be your best bet when the fish of a lifetime hits your fly.

The G4 is equipped with an ergonomically designed, non-friction winding handle, which prevents the fly line from getting entangled on it. The counter-weight features an o-ring for attaching the tippet when not fishing.

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Loop Evotec G4 Reels

Spare Spoo for Evotec G4 HD8/10 #8-10.
WAS 168.00
Price: 117.60 (Including VAT at 20%)