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Loop Fly Rod Kits

Loop Fly Rod Kits and Outfits: Fly fishing kits and rod reel combos with custom rod tubes, apropriately balanced Loop fly line and leaders

Loop Q Rod, Reel and Line Kits

Loop Q Rod, Reel and Line Kits
BY COMBINING LOOP TACKLE'S new Q rods and Q reels into a range of three single-handed and two double-handed fly fishing kits, the modern fly fisher is presented with an optimised and balanced ready-to-cast fly fishing solution. From searching for wild brown trout on tiny surface dries to casting monster flies for apex predators, the Q kit range offers five user-friendly outfits at a highly attractive price point.
Each Loop Q kit features a fly rod and preloaded fly reel with backing and a tapered leader attached for instant use straight out the rod tube.
• Optimised and balanced rod, line and reel ready-to-cast outfits
• Specially designed taper for each line rating
• User-friendly rod actions for all levels of angling ability
• Robust cordura rod and reel protective tube
• Competitively priced performance outfits

Loop Q 15ft 10wt DH Rod - Q-Reel 8-11 - WFF Line

Price: 460.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Incite 9'0" #6 Outfit - XACT 5/8 - WF7 Float

Price: 261.00 (Including VAT at 20%)