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Loop Fly Rod Kits

Loop Fly Rod Kits and Outfits: Fly fishing kits and rod reel combos with custom rod tubes, apropriately balanced Loop fly line and leaders

Loop Q Rod, Reel and Line Kits

Loop Q Rod, Reel and Line Kits
BY COMBINING LOOP TACKLE'S new Q rods and Q reels into a range of three single-handed and two double-handed fly fishing kits, the modern fly fisher is presented with an optimised and balanced ready-to-cast fly fishing solution. From searching for wild brown trout on tiny surface dries to casting monster flies for apex predators, the Q kit range offers five user-friendly outfits at a highly attractive price point.
Each Loop Q kit features a fly rod and preloaded fly reel with backing and a tapered leader attached for instant use straight out the rod tube.
• Optimised and balanced rod, line and reel ready-to-cast outfits
• Specially designed taper for each line rating
• User-friendly rod actions for all levels of angling ability
• Robust cordura rod and reel protective tube
• Competitively priced performance outfits

Loop Q 15ft 10wt DH Rod - Q-Reel 8-11 - WFF Line

Price: 450.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Incite Rod, Reel and Line Kits

Incite Rod, Reel and Line Kits
All of Loop's flyfishing sets are built on the concept that matched, balanced tackle is critical to the learning process. This easy to cast flyrod set provides everything required to develop and most importantly – to catch fish! All components manufactured to the same high standards placed on all Loop products. Complete with rod, reel, line, backing and leader.

Incite 9'0" #6 Outfit - XACT 5/8 - WF7 Float

Price: 261.00 (Including VAT at 20%)