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Marttiini Filleting Knives

Marttiini's Martef-coated Condor fishing and filleting knives support professional fishing. Extreme blade sharpness is complimented by the blade's extremely low friction. The Martef coating is hygienic, and all Marttiini Fishing series products are machine washable - with the proviso that the blade is not battered and dulled in the dishwasher.

The Condor product's roughened rubber handle provides excellent grip even with wet hands and is comfortable to grip in cold weather.

Basic Filleting knife

Better filleting for a good price!

The well fitting rubber handle and the flexible stainless steel blade ensure clean-cut fillets. This size is best suited for processing approx. 1 kg catches. The filleting knife is an excellent tool also for other jobs in the kitchen. The knife comes with a practical plastic sheath.

Total Price: 14.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Blade/Total Length


Basic Filleting knife