Premium Fly-Tying Kit with Tools: Fresh Water - Details

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Premium Fly-Tying Kit with Tools: Fresh Water

H Turrall's proven and popular freshwater fly-tying kit with tools packed into a 250 x 350 x 75mm ABS plastic carrying case and with the following materials:
Full Natural Cock Cape, Selected Cock Hackles in a variety of popular colours, Turkey Marabou, Red Ibis, Wool, Cock Pheasant, Tippet, Peacock Hearl, Tinsel - Gold & Silver, Seal's Fur Substitute in a variety of shades, Medium Chenille in popular colours, 4 Colours Floss, Duck Quills in several colours, Polywing, Grey Mallard Flank, Calf Tail, Hen Pheasant Quills, Flash Chenille, Fritz, Sparkle Chenille, Holographic, Maraflash, Crinkleflash, Flashabou Dubbing, 4 reels pre-waxed Tying Thread, Clear & Black Varnish, Scissors, Hackle Pliers, Dubbing Needle, Bobbin Holder, Vice, Beads, Variety of 72 Hooks in 9 popular types and sizes, Illustrated colour instructions.

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