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Executive Tritium Watch
The Smith and Wesson Executive Titanium Watch is the top of range model in the Tritium H3 collection. Featuring precision quartz Swiss movement, an outstanding titanium alloy case and strap, and water resistance up to 200m (600 feet) this watch represents excellent design and unrivalled value for a modern military watch.

The Smith and Wesson Executive also incorporates the same self illuminating Tritium H3 lighting system as the other watches in the range. The tiny, glowing, airtight Tritium H3 vials, sealed under high pressure, are resistant to water and oil, and require no battery power or any other form of charging. This system gives the user the ability to tell the time even in zero light conditions – an invaluable feature in a combat situation.

Years of research and testing in the field has meant that Smith & Wesson Tritium H3 watches are regarded as some of the most durable and reliable timepieces on the market today. Featuring screw on titanium crown and case back, a date display, 3 hands and the distinctive Smith & Wesson branding you can be assured of a quality timepiece that is not just a superb design that can be worn for any occasion, but practical and hard wearing too.

Designed and manufactured under license from Smith & Wesson, the finest manufacturers of guns in the world, these Tritium H3 watches offer unique styling, durability and reliability to both civilian customers and the armed forces.

These are genuine Smith & Wesson Tritium H3 watches sourced from the licensed manufacturer in the USA - guaranteed.

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