Snowbee Tuf-Line XP - Details

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Snowbee Tuf-Line XP
Now available in 3 colour options:
Moss Green – The choice for stealth angling, preferred by carp and freshwater anglers.
Hi-Viz Yellow – The traditional favourite for many applications, particularly spinning.
Red - The best colour for deep blue water fishing, where red is the first colour of the spectrum to disappear with depth.

Snowbee are delighted to have been chosen to represent Western Filament as their distributor. Founded over 70 years ago, Western Filament are one of the few ISO 9001:2000 accredited manufacturers of braided lines… and with customers including NASA, Boeing and Rolls Royce, they need to be! Bringing this level of quality control into the manufacture of fishing braid, ensures every spool is totally consistent and fault-free and the end result is recognised by big game fishermen around the world as the best quality Super-Braid on the market.

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