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Marc Petitjean CDC
The characteristics that make CDC such great material are:

- It is a very light material
- It is a very soft material
- But it is a very tough, strong material
- It is a semi-translucent material, so that flies tied with CDC have a more life-like quality than flies tied with other, more opaque materials
- CDC is highly aerodynamic when being cast the CDC collapses but expands at the end of the cast and acts as a parachute as the fly descends to the water. It therefore makes casting easier and presentation more delicate
- CDC is highly hydrodynamic-under water every filament flickers with life in the gentlest flow or on the slowest retrieve
- When a fish takes a CDC fly into its mouth the soft CDC folds up like real fly tissues. So the fish accepts it more readily and is much slower to reject a CDC fly than a fly made of harder material

The secret of good fly-tying is using top quality material. We pride ourselves in providing the fly-tying world with the best CDC feathers available, both natural (white, beige, dark-black) and dyed. We take special care in our secret dyeing process not to damage the fine structure of the CDC feathers.

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