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Chilly On Carp: The Complete Series DVD
There are five classic episodes:

Chilly At Yately (22 mins)
Chilly visits the resting place of 'Basil Forty', the first true English 40lb-plus carp. So revered is this fish that it actually has a gravestone at the waterside! Learn about the story of this historic 12-acre venue and its topography, including shots of when it was controversially drained after Basil died and restocked with 'quintessentially English' Sutton Lake carp, perpetuating the Basil legend.

Three Manic Mornings (30 mins)
Chilly enjoys the best three mornings of carp fishing of his life, and all in front of the Onlinefishing TV cameras. Incredibly he starts catching within 30 SECONDS of casting out after pre-bating the night before, and within just ten minutes he's got a 'thirty' on the bank! As Chilly says himself "it's better to be lucky than good!"

The Famous Royalty Fishery (29 mins)
Join Chilly on a tour of the sumptuous Royalty stretch of the Hampshire Avon, a river that gives the carp anger a genuine chance of a running water 30-pounder. Our ace passes on some great instruction on targeting river fish by adapting your Stillwater carp approach, but unfortunately the fish are not impressed and Ian finds himself having to move hither and thither to try and wet his landing net.

Small Water Stalking (34 mins)
Chilly has his stalking head on at rob Hughes' Birchwood Farm Lake - baiting spots and creeping up on feeding fish with the simplest of set-ups. He knows his luck's in when he finds a four-leafed clover and he's soon slipping the landing net under quite literally the fish of his dreams, the lean mean fighting machine known as 'The Black Mirror'. Great Stuff!.

Size Isn't Everything (37 mins)
A ban on all loosefeed at Boyton Cross Lake in Essex has resulted in a population of slow-growing carp that are up the 35 years old, yet mostly under 20lb in weight. However, they are some of the most stunning carp you have ever seen. This is both an insight into tackling a new water and a journey into the mind of Chilly as he begins to question his carping ethos...

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