VARIVAS Tapered Leader Record Master SW FHT IGFA [Nylon] - Details

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VARIVAS Tapered Leader Record Master SW FHT IGFA [Nylon]
Catch the record-breaking target of your dreams!

"The most powerful tapered leader in the VARIVAS tapered leader series. IGFA-rated. Designed for competition, saltwater fly fishing. Made with hard, tense material, the Record Master SW FHT IGFA front heavy taper design helps turn over large saltwater flies. Enhanced performance in windy conditions and targeting saltwater fish in clear water. Aqua blue color is invisible in ocean water."

• VARIVAS Smooth Tech Coating increases durability by reducing friction and water absorption.

• VARIVAS Smart Connection thin design allows for small knots and reduces friction both in the air on and the rod. Spec: 12ft. / 8 lb., 12 lb., 16 lb., 20 lb. Color: Aqua blue with clear tippet.

Butt: Aqua Blue with Clear Tippet

LENGTH . B/S . . Diameter(mm)
12ft ... 20LB ... Tippet 0.37 / Butt 0.56
12ft ... 16LB ... Tippet 0.34 / Butt 0.54
12ft ... 12LB ... Tippet 0.27 / Butt 0.52
12ft ... .8LB ... Tippet 0.24 / Butt 0.50

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