VARIVAS Expert StillwaterTapered Leader FHT [Nylon] - Details

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VARIVAS Expert StillwaterTapered Leader FHT [Nylon]
VARIVAS Tapered Leader Expert Stillwater FHT [Nylon]

Capture wary monsters with accurate and quick presentations!

"Accurate control and turn performance are important for fly fishing in lakes and still water, especially when site casting. VARIVAS tapered leader Expert Stillwater FHT (front heavy taper) enables speedy loop control. A tapered leader that allows large dry flies and heavyweight streamer nymphs to turn over in headwinds and cast accurately."

• VARIVAS Smooth Tech Coating increases durability by reducing friction and preventing water absorption.

• VARIVAS Smart Connect THIN design creates a smaller connection profile between the fly line and tapered leader.

Sepia Green with clear Tippet

LENGTH . Gauge . . Diameter(mm)
14ft ... 0X ... 14lb, Tippet 0.285 / Butt 0.54
14ft ... 1X ... 11.6lb, Tippet 0.260 / Butt 0.53
14ft ... 2X ... 9.1lb, Tippet 0.235 / Butt 0.52
14ft ... 3X ... 7.6lb, Tippet 0.205 / Butt 0.50
14ft ... 4X ... 5.1lb, Tippet 0.165 / Butt 0.49

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