RIO DirectCore Flats Pro Fly Lines - Details

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Crazy ideas? Try this one on for size: A tropical flats line that does everything—and we mean everything—better
than any line ever made. The bones that sneak inside “normal” casting range. The last-ditch, long shot at permit
leaving the flat. Small flies parachuting softly into ankle-deep water. Big toads and crab flies into 30-knot
headwinds. The power to sink a 4/0 hook into armour-plated tarpon mouths.Introducing our new DirectCore Flats Pro line, the solution to every situation you’ll face on the flats. The innovative front-loaded taper with long back taper makes easy work of casts short and long, with flies both big and small.Built around our new low-memory, low-stretch DirectCore, the Flats Pro has the stiffness to power up in the most extreme tropical heat, yet lies straighter on the water for a more direct connection to fly and fish. Crazy idea? Absolutely. But the solution is anything but.

THE VERY BEST FLATS LINE ON THE MARKET - perfect for bones, perms and poons with low stretch performance
• Easy annealing, low-memory core that lays perfectly straight on the water
• Low-stretch “DirectCore” for hard, solid strip sets
• Mid length head & long rear taper for complete line control
• High floating running line that will not sink and impede the cast
Some lines cast far with ease, but leave you flailing when fish show up at your feet. Others do just the opposite. How do you create a line that does everything on the flats better? With our new Flats Pro line, it’s a matter of what we call the four Ts: Taper, technology, testing, and... more testing. TAPER: The Flats Pro is built with a front taper that loads easily on a short line. But the mid length head and extended back taper provide stability for fast, accurate, long-distance casts as well. From there, we continued refining the weight distribution grain by grain until it could make delicate presentations to twitchy bones in skinny water and drive bulky crab patterns into serious wind equally well.

TECHNOLOGY: When you’re casting to moving targets, you need a direct connection to your fly the second it hits the water. Memory-induced line curl leaves you out of touch. That’s why we built the Flats Pro around DirectCore, a proprietary low-memory, low-stretch monofilament core that retains its stiffness in tropical heat, yet lies straight on the water without curl or retraction. We also applied our SureFire triple-colour, distance-marking technology to take the guesswork out of putting the fly exactly where you want it. TESTING: ...and more testing. Well, somebody has to do it, and if it takes hundreds of hours on the flats and countless fish to create a perfect line, we’re willing to make the sacrifice.

FLOATING: The Flats Pro is available in two floating colour combinations: high-vis aqua/ orange/sand or the subtle grey/kelp/sand option for spookier fish.
STEALTHTIP: The Flats Pro StealthTip features a full-float head with six feet of clear intermediate at the tip. This nearly invisible front section allows for shorter leaders and easier, more accurate casts, while the increased density provides greater wind penetration. This is an awesome permit line!

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