Hemingway's Ephemera Danica Wings And Body Sets - Details

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Hemingway's Ephemera Danica Wings And Body Sets
These incredibly realistic set was built with one thing in mind. To match the most exciting hatches you may ever experience! The Green Drake, Slate Drake, and Hex. are just some of these amazing Mayflies. When these insects emerge from their burrows they attract the attention of every living thing within a hundred mile radius. Most of all fish and Fly Fisherman become enamored with these giant insects. This is a must have for anyone that is lucky enough to live near or travel to any waters where these hatches may occur. Each set is hand made and contains at least six pairs of fore wings and six pairs of hind wings and six hyper realistic extended mayfly abdomen and tails. Make sure you tie a strong knot and hold on tight because these duns are known to attract some true monster size fish!
• 6 realistic Ephemera Danica Tube Body
• 6 pairs realistic Ephemera Danica wings
• Preshaped and precut – ready to use – no cutting or shaping required.
• Premium quality - extra durable and flexible material
• High floatibility hyper realistic tube body
• Available sizes - Tube body: S, M, L
• Available sizes - Wings: M, L, XL

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