Fishpond Shallow Fly Puck - Details

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Fishpond Shallow Fly Puck
The Shallow Fly Puck is a must-have for any angler looking for a compact and organized way to store their flies. It’s specifically designed with a shorter profile, so you can easily access your gear without having to dig through a deep container. The top and bottom inset channels make it easy to stack and pair multiple pucks, so you can keep your flies and other essentials organized and accessible. And, since it’s made from durable TPU material, you can use it trip after trip without worrying about wear and tear. Gone are the days of your gear getting jumbled up or lost in the bottom of your bag.

See-through lid for viewing contents
Increased storage space over a standard fly puck
Stackable lid system for attaching and organising multiple pucks
Highly durable moulded TPU material
Nail catch for easy opening
Flies not included

Dimensions 8cm x 8cm x 2.7cm

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