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Jarvis Walker John Wilson Float Combo 10'*

Jarvis Walker John Wilson Float Combo 10'*
When equipping youngsters for the first time it is important to supply a well balanced outfit that is neither too big for them and yet will help them experience the thrill of catching fish. John’s Float Fishing Combo is ideal for youngster from age 10 and upwards and comes complete with Ball Bearing construction reel pre-loaded with line.
Price: 34.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


GT Pro Carp 362 Combo 12' 3lb 2pc

GT Pro Carp 362 Combo 12' 3lb 2pc
12ft rod, with a fibreglass blank, TS guides and EVA handle for comfort. This carp combo comes with a single ball bearing, graphite, front drag spinning reel spooled with quality clear line.

• Fibreglass construction.
• Ready spooled front drag reel.
• Eva handle.
• 12ft / 2 piece.
• Reel: GTP-60 FD
Price: 37.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Shakespeare Firebird Quiver Combo 8ft

Shakespeare Firebird Quiver Combo  8ft
The Firebird combos are perfect for anglers looking for a reliable product without breaking the bank. They display strong and attractive Firebird artwork and cosmetics that stand out in store and appeal to anglers of all ages. These telescopic rods are perfect for the holiday / seasonal market
as well as occasional sea anglers.The rods have strong powerful blanks that makes them versatile for most aspects of freshwater fishing.

• Reliable RD reel spooled perfectly with good quality dark brown mono
• Size 30D
• Modern style abbreviated EVA handle
• Strong Guide frames with Titanium Oxide inserts
• 2 Sections and 2 quiver tips

Mainland UK Only
Additional shipping charge
Price: 39.99 (Including VAT at 20%)