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Matt Hayes Complete Coarse Kit

Matt Hayes Complete Coarse Kit
All the fishing gear you need to master coarse fishing on rivers and lakes. From float fishing to legering, and catching carp, this brilliant set will help you become the next Matt Hayes.

Whether you want to catch a river monster or a lake giant, this amazing Matt Hayes super selection covers every base for the new angler. With this kit you can go anywhere and catch anything. This set includes a 3pc 3.3m carp rod with a 2.5lb test curve, size 50 carp reel pre-spooled with 0.35mm line, 3pc 3m match rod, size 20 match reel, float rig, 5m pole rod, carryall, carry bag, landing net, rod holder, 2 x 100m 0.28 line, 15m spool hook line, swim feeder, non-toxic shot, catapult, bait box, 2 x tackle boxes, snap swivels in sizes 8 and 10, size 6 hooks, zinc bell plummet, float tube, hooks to nylon in sizes 14 and 16, assorted float selection, disgorger, assorted float ring, rubber stoppers, artificial corn, artificial maggots and a fishing handbook.

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GT Pro Carp 362 Combo 12' 3lb 2pc

GT Pro Carp 362 Combo 12' 3lb 2pc
12ft rod, with a fibreglass blank, TS guides and EVA handle for comfort. This carp combo comes with a single ball bearing, graphite, front drag spinning reel spooled with quality clear line.

• Fibreglass construction.
• Ready spooled front drag reel.
• Eva handle.
• 12ft / 2 piece.
• Reel: GTP-60 FD
Price: 37.99 (Including VAT at 20%)