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Berkley Direct Connect+ CF600 Carp Fluorocarbon

Berkley Direct Connect+ CF600 Carp Fluorocarbon
Connect CF600
Berkley's new production development made it possible to create the best fluorocarbon mainline. This is recognized by carp anglers and now with a specific and dedicated range for carp fishing fluorocarbon becomes a choice for specialists all over the world. Connect+ CF600's flexibility, near invisibility and ultra-high abrasion resistance is a set of properties carp anglers prize. Berkley Pro Anglers tested the line and were amazed about the skillset of this new fluorocarbon mainline and recommend it to all carp specialists. Connect+ is without any doubt a fantastic new line that will change your way of fluorocarbon use for ever!
Part of a specific range of fishing lines built by our development team to the exacting specifications of Berkley Pro Anglers and dedicated to carp fishing! In the Direct Connect range there are mono, fluorocarbon and braided lines to choose from.
• 100% PVDF fluorocarbon
• Extremely heavy for getting line on the bottom
• supreme abrasion resistance
• ultra-flexible and manageable
• 1200 metre spools

Berkley Direct Connect+ CF600 10lb.
Price: 69.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Berkley Direct Connect+ CF600 12lb.
Price: 72.99 (Including VAT at 20%)