Flex PE Braid

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Berkley Flex PE Braided Superline 135m

Berkley FLEX BRAIDED SUPERLINES are unique Thermally fused PE lines with special abilities which can help you make fishing more fun. This FUSED line has the advantage of being much more abrasion resistant than regular braided lines. This means you will face less line breakages when your line is in contact with rock, timber, or other obstacles under water. This line is also very slick which reduces the sound when touching the guides of your rod. This helps you catch the wariest fish out there. Next to smooth, we made Berkley FLEX Braid a little stiff, this results in easy and further casting, also tying knots is made easier. The line also has the minimum amount of stretch. This helps you detecting the smallest of bites, so you can catch even the most timid of fish. All this together makes this a perfect fishing line for fishing in fresh or salt water; Berkley FLEX Braid will not let you down.

Colour: Moss Green

Price: 9.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Berkley Flex PE Braided Superline 135m