Nitrium II Pike

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Nitrium II 12' 3.25lb Pike Deadbait Rod*

Nitrium II 12' 3.25lb Pike Deadbait Rod*
The all new Rovex Nitrium Pike Deadbait rod is built on a strong 3.25lb test blank that has plenty of grunt for putting out whole deadbaits. Extra power is built into the butt section, while the tip section retains a great action for good sport when playing fish.

Fitted with big 40mm silicone carbide butt rings, these rods come in smart matt black/mesh carbon livery.

Suitable for use with up to 40lb mono/50lb braid.
Price: 59.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Nitrium II 6'4" 50-100gr Pike Jerkbait Rod*

Nitrium II 6'4
The all new Rovex Nitrium Jerkbait rod has a powerful blank capable of punching out lures up to 100g and the 6'4" length is ideal for great bait control. The build features 10 guides, including the tip, and is ideal for fishing with braid up to 50lb. Team it up with a Rovex Oberon Multiplier and you're ready for some good sport!
Price: 42.99 (Including VAT at 20%)