Nylon Thigh Waders

Snowbee Nylon PVC Thigh / Hip Wader Information

Snowbee 150D Nylon Thigh Waders

Mention the name Snowbee and most people would associate it with QUALITY WADERS… and quite rightly so. Waders is where it all began. Snowbee were the first company to introduce lightweight PVC waders to the UK flyfishing market and since those early days over 30 years ago, the range has steadily grown, evolved and improved. For 2018, we have combined two of our best-ever wader models and materials. Our super heavy-duty Wadermaster model has been available in various forms for over 20 years, during which time, it has been the wader of choice for anyone wanting the ultimate ‘bullet-poof’ wader, including fi sh farmers, river-keepers, fire brigades, water authorities and the Environment Agency. This year, however, Snowbee is bringing back othe popular 210 Denier Nylon material – a top seller for over 10 years, but in the Wadermaster design. They’re not breathable and they’re not lightweight. What they are is incredibly tough, durable and hardwearing. They deflect thorns and gorse like no other material and if you want a pair of waders that is going to last… this is it. The 210D nylon material, which is light, flexible and super-tough, has a soft, laminated PVC lining, to ensure it remains 100% waterproof and provides all-day comfort.

Elasticated webbing belt straps with adjustable buckles for comfort.

Snowbee 150D Nylon Thigh Waders

150D Nylon Cleated Sole Thigh Waders
UK Sizes 5-15, Cleated Sole

Price: 89.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

150D Nylon Combi Felt Sole Thigh Waders
UK Sizes 5-14, Combi Felt Sole

Price: 95.00 (Including VAT at 20%)