Feeder Rods

John Wilson Mirage Coarse Rods

John Wilson Mirage Coarse Rods
John Wilson designed this range of coarse rods to offer superb quality at affordable prices while covering the requirements of coarse anglers who fish for a variety of still and moving water fish. The rods feature slim lightweight blanks with a high gloss finish, full cork handles for float and feeder models, quality guides, a screw reel seat and cloth bag. Match these rods with the new John Wilson reels to make your favourite combo.

Mitchell Fluid Feeder Quiver, Feeder & Jig Rods

Mitchell Fluid Feeder Quiver, Feeder & Jig Rods
Pick up any Mitchell Fluid Rod and you immediately feel quality at a very affordable price. A composite blank, cork handle, winch fitting, progressive actions and a quality finish with lightweight guides. Mitchell's feeder and quiver rods come with two interchangeable quiver tips to cover all conditions.

• New exclusive MITCHELL design.
• Improved Finish.
• High Technical Composite Blank.
• Cork Handle.
• TS Guides Quality, Braid Friendly.

30% OFF

Fluid Feeder Quiver 302 10' 20-80g 2pc
RRP 29.99 30% OFF
Price: 20.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Fluid Feeder Quiver 332 11' 20-80g 2pc
RRP 32.99 30% OFF
Price: 23.09 (Including VAT at 20%)

Fluid Feeder 333 60-100 12' 60-100g 3pc
RRP 37.99 30% OFF
Price: 26.59 (Including VAT at 20%)

Fluid Jig 162 5.3' 30lb 2pc
RRP 24.99 30% OFF
Price: 17.49 (Including VAT at 20%)


Agility Feeder Rods

Agility Feeder Rods
As the names suggest, the 12, 13 and 14ft versions have a powerful action. This action is great for casting a variety of feeders long distances on rivers and lakes and also playing bigger fish effectively. The guide sizes and profile are also designed to maximise casting distance and allow larger diameter shock leaders to be used. The 12ft 2-piece version has a lovely action that bends progressively from the tip through to the butt section making it perfect for commercial feeder/lead fishing.

• Supplied with 3 tips.
• Zirconium Oxide Guide (ZOG)
• Rubber Butt Cap
• Slim carbon blank
• Ergonomically designed reel seat.
• Cork and EVA handle.

Agility Power Feeder 12ft 8lb 3pc
RRP £59.99
Price: 41.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Arctica Feeder 3.00-3.60m 3+3pc

Arctica Feeder 3.00-3.60m 3+3pc
The Ryobi Arctica Feeder rod incorporates a new and innovative extendable butt design. In the matter of just seconds you can adjust the length of this rod by 60cm. An anodised alloy twist lock ring is attached to the top of the fore-grip. Simply loosen the lock ring and extend the blank to your desired length. Then tighten the lock ring and you’re ready to start fishing! The Feeder rod is adjustable from 3.00 metres to 3.60 metres and is supplied with 3 additional spare tips.

Line Rating 4-8lb

Casting Weight 10-25gm, Line Rating 6-10lb

RRP £132.99 30% OFF

Price: 93.09 (Including VAT at 20%)


Rovex John Wilson XTM Match Rods

Rovex John Wilson XTM Match Rods
Rovex John Wilson XTM Match rods feature lightweight high performance full carbon blanks each designed to give ultimate performance. The versatile John Wilson Twin Tip comes with two top sections for both float and quiver fishing (including two push in quivers) offering fantastic value for money.