Fladen Maxximus 422 3BB

Our new range of multipliers are designed and built to the very highest standards possible. They have been tested in almost all methods of fishing, from freshwater pike fishing to deep sea wrecking. These reels are standard issue for the England National Boat team, and a firm favourite with Ray Barton, European champion 2005. This range of reels is available in several sizes and models for all kinds of fishing, with smaller sizes for spincast and plugging, mid size for beach use and the large 777 ideal for most sea fishing uses.

Maxximus 422 is finished in black, and fitted with instant anti reverse.
Aluminium side plates are fitted for lower weight.
All come with aluminium spool, three ball bearings, super grip handle, and a high 5.3:1 gear ratio.

Fladen Maxximus 422 3BB

Maxximus 422 3BB 18lb, 250yd, 230m, 0.35mm, 5.3:1*
Price: 90.16 (Including VAT at 20%)