Truefly SLA

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Wychwood Truefly SLA Fly Reels

The Truefly super large arbor (SLA) cassette reel was created using the highest design specification, challenging the boundaries of production and continues to do so.

Winner of EFFTEX Best New Fly Reel in 2009 and Total Fly Fisher Award Winner in 2011 and 2012, the Wychwood Truefly SLA hs a proven record and is still unchallenged for having the largest arbor and the lightest reel in its class*, a seemingly unachievable feat. The lightweight design is attained through a die-cast aluminium frame and cage, with as much material removed as possible without compromising on the engineered functionality. This functionality, together with the comtemporary, registered design and a semi-sealed Rulon drag system, illustrates a perfect blend of best performance and aesthetics yet to be rivalled...

The Truefly SLA is offered with two separate colour options; in either Matte Black or Metallic Warm Grey. All of the Truefly SLA reels are packaged in a specifically designed EVA protective case, custom built for the reel with two spare polycarbonate spools.

Wychwood Truefly SLA Fly Reels

Wychwood Truefly SLA #7/8 reel*

Price: 69.99 (Including VAT at 20%)