Vision Renfors Fly Reels

The Vision Renfors Reel is just as at home with an old cane rod as it is with a top-of-the-line modern carbon rod. Its antique grey matt finish together with a large number of towards the outer rim widening holes will give it a classical outlook. When you pull the line out of the reel, loud clicking sound will bring back lots of memories at least for the older anglers.

But do not let the outlook or the sound fool you. Inside is a first-class brake package well capable of stopping that-fish-of-a-lifetime in due time. The Refors Slide Spey Reel has truly a winning combination of old-age looks and modern technology. Salmont and steelhead around the world, beware, Vision Renfors reels have arrived.

Vision Renfors Fly Reels

Renfors IV Slide Spey #11/12 Fly Reel
RRP £299.99

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Price: 249.99 (Including VAT at 20%)