Vision Wader Size Chart

Vision Gillie Waders.

Gillie wader is made from soft and comfortable materials. The lower part’s thicker material comes up to the waist making this wader strong and durable in all the right places. The upper part extends high enough making it ideal for comfortable deep wading. The front pocket is made from lightweight and stretchable fabric. This wader comes with a waterproof, clear TPU pocket which is removable. This pocket has two places where it can be attached based on your own needs; it can be inside the wader like a traditional flip pocket or it can be placed inside the big front pocket. In both positions there is strong velcro for easy and quick attachment. In addition to the velcro there are two securing strings with hooks to secure the pocket in case you keep something valuable in it.

WAS £350.00
NOW £299.95

Price: 299.95 (Including VAT at 20%)


Vision Gillie Waders.