Dura Silk

Spiderwire Dura Silk Braid*

Introducing SpiderWire Dura-Silk a trustworthy and reliable braid with Spiderwire performance. Dura-Silk is a super strong, super thin braid with incredible knot strength. Dura-Silk is soft and flexible and features a round, full bodied construction that resists wind knots. Dura-Silk is both extremely durable and shock resistant and its strength makes it ideal for fishing heavy structure where durability and strength are key to extracting strong fish.

• Made from 100% Dyneema, the world's strongest fibers.
• Highest strength Dyneema.
• Round full bodied construction resists wind knots.
• Unmatched knot strength.
• Near zero stretch for ultimate sensitivity.
• Shock resistance.
• RRP £19.99 - £39.99

Total Price: 17.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Breaking Strain


Spiderwire Dura Silk Braid*