Arctica Feeder 3.00-3.60m 3+3pc*

Arctica Feeder 3.00-3.60m 3+3pc*
The Ryobi Arctica Feeder rod incorporates a new and innovative extendable butt design. In the matter of just seconds you can adjust the length of this rod by 60cm. An anodised alloy twist lock ring is attached to the top of the fore-grip. Simply loosen the lock ring and extend the blank to your desired length. Then tighten the lock ring and you’re ready to start fishing! The Feeder rod is adjustable from 3.00 metres to 3.60 metres and is supplied with 3 additional spare tips.

Line Rating 4-8lb

Casting Weight 10-25gm, Line Rating 6-10lb

RRP £132.99 30% OFF

Price: 93.09 (Including VAT at 20%)