Ceratec DT Boat

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Rovex Ceratec DT Boat Rods

Rovex Ceratec DT Boat Rods
Ceratec DT boat rods are noticeably light and well balanced, offering high performance and value for any boat angler. Each rod has been constructed on a two-piece blank - equal length sections - and features two different tips so you can adapt to the conditions of the day. The first is a sensitive tip, for targeting specials such as bream and bass; the second tip is stiffer and more through actioned, to allow the use of heavier leads and lines when targeting deeper water and big fish.

Rovex Ceratec Boat 6'6" 12-20lb 2+tip Rod
Packed Length 3'3"
Price: 52.24 (Including VAT at 20%)