Loch Leven

Richard Wheatley Loch Leven Fly Boxes

Aluminium fly box to celebrate 100 years of the first ever printed fly box. The original 1913 Loch Leven Eyed Fly Box was printed on tin plate and made by Richard Wheatley. This version uses the original design and is in aluminium for todays fisherman. Limited Edition and no doubt will become as collectable as the original.

To comemorate the history of this iconic fly box, one in every hundred of the new Loch Leven Fly Box will contain a free original Loch Leven Eyed Fly Box.

Richard Wheatley Loch Leven Fly Boxes

Loch Leven Ripple Foam in Base and Lid Fly Box*
121 x 89 x 29mm
Price: 42.00 (Including VAT at 20%)