Defiance Multiplier

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Penn Defiance Multiplier Reels

The Penn Defiance Multiplier Reel is an economically priced graphite reel built for strength and lightness, with forged and machined aluminum spools, a high performance HT-100 drag system capable of working with lines covering a wide range of breaking strains, plus a stainless steel level-wind system that evenly distributes line across the width of the spool. The Penn Defiancefishing reel is available in four sizes and five different models, these reels are ideal for all general bottom fishing situations and jigging.

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Penn Defiance Multiplier Reels

Penn Defiance 20 LW*
Reel Capacity: 395yd/15lb, Recovery: 22"/559mm
Max Drag: 15lb/6.75kg, Ratio: 4.3:1, Bearings: 4
RRP 69.99 30% OFF
Price: 48.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Penn Defiance 25 LW*
ReelCapacity: 300yd/25lb, Recovery: 24"/610mm
Max Drag: 15lb/6.75kg, Ratio: 4.3:1, Bearings: 4
RRP 74.99 30% OFF
Price: 52.49 (Including VAT at 20%)