498 Series

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Mitchell 498 Fixed Spool Reels

One year after the official 300 launch, another legendary reel is back. Welcome to the 498 series! To guarantee its success, Mitchell took back all historic bases content in 3 words: Powerful, Strong & Resistant. This reel will become the ultimate fishing tool for all strong saltwater applications. A legend is re-born with a real Mitchell look and feel reel. Available in four different sizes to fit all your saltwater needs.

• 6 + 1 bearing including IAR.
• Super-strong main gear system and sealed drag.
• Saltwater ready - durable, strong and powerful.
• High resistance drag system: 11kg for both 398/498 sizes.
• Spare spool available separately.
• Innovative Bail Halo for superior strength in GV5H material.
• Double anodised aluminium spool.
• Extremely strong aluminium body.
• Aluminium handle and comfortable knob.

Mitchell 498 Fixed Spool Reels

Mitchell 298 Fixed Spool Reel
Capacity: 265m/0.32mm, Recovery: 0.89m,
Bearing: 7, Ratio: 5.6:1, Spool: ALU
Price: 102.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Mitchell 398 Fixed Spool Reel
Capacity: 320m/0.38mm, Recovery: 0.91m,
Bearing: 7, Ratio: 4.7:1, Spool: ALU
Price: 120.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Mitchell 498 Fixed Spool Reel
Capacity: 270m/0.50mm, Recovery: 1.70m,
Bearing: 7, Ratio: 4.7:1, Spool: ALU
Price: 129.99 (Including VAT at 20%)