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Lucky Laker WIFI Fish Finder - CLEARANCE

A unique IOS and Android compatible WIFI fish finder. Combining WiFi and sonar technology this amazing device sends water temperature, depth and fish positions to up to 5 mobile devices at the same time via a FREE downloadable app. Small, lightweight and robust. Can be cast into position with a rod and line.

WiFi Range: 50m
WiFi Frequency: 2.4GHz
Sonar Coverage: 90 degrees
Depth Capacity: 0.6m to 45m (2ft-135ft)
Power: 3.7v Rechargeable Li Battery
Charger: 5V/500mA
Running Time: 5 hours from full charge.
Users: Up to 5 per device at any one time.

The Lucky Laker WiFi Fish Finder can be used with phones and tablets and comes with clear instructions in English, and the programming options include language selection.

Mobile phone NOT included.


Price: 64.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Lucky Laker WIFI Fish Finder - CLEARANCE