Loop OPTi Fly Rods

Loop OPTi Fly Rods One of the finest series of fly rods produced covering all aspects of single handed fly fishing:

- OPTi Creek rod for small stream and brook fishing
- OPTi Stream - Ideal for trout and graying on wide streams and fine stillwater bamk fishing
- OPTi River, a 5-piece 7-weight rod specially designed for heavier trout and even seatrout and salmon in larger rivers.
- OPTi Coast is designed to handle the windy conditions found on the coast..

Loop OPTi Stream

Loop OPTi Stream
Here mobility is prioritised. Opti Stream-rods have the flexibility to cope with all casting elements. Using the underhand-cast you can place the line were you want it without any delay. The Opti Stream-rods handles the situation when you need an accurate presentation.

OPTi Stream Fly Rod 9' AFTM #5 4pc*
Price: 381.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Loop OPTi Coast

Loop OPTi Coast
The Loop Opti Coast series are saltwater fly rods designed to handle the windy conditions found on the coast. With a strong, crisp and quick action the rod will cut through the wind and allow you to reach those hard to get to rips. Both models feature our patented X-Grip handle and the blanks are made with our cross-weave technology. Ideal for coastal sea trout, bass and other salt water species such as pollack.

OPTi Coast X Grip Fly Rod 9'6" AFTM #7

RRP £555.00

Price: 360.75 (Including VAT at 20%)