Vision Loikka Wading Boots - Details

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Vision Loikka Wading Boots
However, having stated all the above, the biggest improvement of them all, can be found by flipping over Loikka. After a long period of development and testing, Vision are proud to present their new rubber sole, called GUMMI. This material is clearly softer and stickier than anything they have had before. As a result they now have a material, which is providing a unique level of traction. The final touch in their pursuit for superior traction is achieved by including well tested and proven low profile tungsten studs to the sole. These boots are meant to be used in the hardest conditions. You just can’t abuse them. Go and give it your best shot.

• Lightweight but solid.
• Made out of synthetic material for minimal water absorption.
• Optimized seam placement.
• Comfortable neoprene lining in the ankle.
• Proper protection for the toe and heel areas.
• Durable nylon laces for the shoe laces.
• Gummi rubber soles with low profile tungsten studs.

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