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Ultima Vantage - Specialist Leader Material
This coating waterproofs the line and eliminates water absorption when in use. This means that the line maintains 100% knot strength no matter how long it is in the water and maintains maximum performance all the time, vital in any cast or leader.

The coating process also softens the line helping to deliver the ultimate presentation of bait and lure.

Fluorocarbon coating maintains the performance and improves presentation making Vantage a major benefit in all angling disciplines where knot strength is important.

"Vantage boasts a very good diameter to breaking strain and is very supple. It is also very abrasion resistant and could make an ideal material when fishing near to snags or weed. Any fans of monofilament hook link materials really should take a look at Vantage."
Advanced Carp Fishing Magazine

"This is a hybrid leader material, in that it is fluorocarbon-coated nylon. Standard nylon actually soaks up water as it is used, which can lead to a reduction in both linear and knot strength of up to 20%. A fluorocarbon coating waterproofs the nylon, at the same time softening it to improve presentation. This new product therefore gives good knot and linear strength, with a clear and soft finish, aiding delicate presentation. It represents great value for money."
Today’s Fly Fisher

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