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Tiemco Hooks For World Class Fly Dressers
Tiemco Hooks For World Class Fly Dressers

Tiemco's advanced method have revolutionized the design and manufacture of fly hooks. Tiemco has become the world-wide leader by introducing new hook styles that let flies look more life-like and by pioneering new manufacturing processes, such as chemical sharpening to improve hook performance.

Each year we add new hook designs, extending the range of our hooks to meet the expanding needs of innovative fly tyers. Each Tiemco hook style is designed specifically to satisfy the most demanding customers in the world: the fly tyers who depend on Tiemco hooks.

Tiemco fly hooks are made with fly fishing in mind, and as a sharp, strong hook may be the single most important component in your fly fishing gear, we believe it makes perfect sense to choose some of the best hooks in the world. Think Tiemco!

Tiemco SP Series

Featuring a hollowed curve point with triangular edges for easy sharpening. Slow tapered point lowers resistance of penetration resulting in accelerated hook sets and better holding, supported by the tiny swelling of the point. These points also help to keep flies on track by acting as a keel on larger hooks.

TMC 100 Dry Fly
Sizes: 8-24 pack of 20. Dry fly D/E, 1XF, wide gape, forged, bronze. Tiemco's Standard dry fly hook. A slightly wider gape and increased wire strength in smaller sizes makes this the most popular all-purpose hook for dry fly work.

Sizes:10-20 pack of 20. D/E, 0X-1X Heavy, 1.5x Wide, Forged, SPS point, Barbless, Bronze. Heavier wire than the TMC100. With its longer Super point, this barbless model ensures the same holding ability as the barbed TMC100.

TMC 101 Dry Fly
Sizes: 10-24 pack of 20. Straight eye, 1XF, Wide gape, Forged, Bronze, For anglers who prefer a straight-eye hook, the TMC 101 incorporates all of the other features of the popular TMC 100.

TMC 102Y Dry Fly
Sizes: 13-21 pack of 20. D/E, 1XF, Wide gape, Forged, Black, Originally designed for the 'quick take' strikes of Japanese native trout, this hook has become one of the standards for tying parachute-style patterns. The point has moved back slightly for more secure hooking. Black finish, odd sizes and down-eye only.

Sizes: 11-21 pack of 20. Dry fly, D/E, 1XW, XF wire, Barbless, black. The razor point and barbless design ensure quick penetration and a secure hold. A versatile design that can be incorporated into dries, soft hackle flies, CDC flies and emergers with ease.

TMC 111
Sizes: 10-16 pack of 20. Dry fly, short shank, 2XW Forged, Bronze.

TMC 200R Nymph/Dry Fly
Sizes: 8-20 pack of 20. Straight eye, 3XL, Standard wire, semi dropped point, Forged, Bronze, Sraight-eye nymph and dry-fly hook that incorporates a gradually sloped bend to better imitate certain insects. Because design is 3X-long with a sloping bend, the hook point is semi-dropped for better penetration and holding.

TMC 206BL Nymph
Sizes: 10-16 pack of 20. Yp eye, continuous bend, Barbless, 2X Short, fine wire, Black. Excellent solution for caddis larva, shrimps and emergers where a speciality barbless hook is required.

TMC 212Y Hooks
Sizes: 11-21 pack of 20. D/E, 4XS, 5XW, Forged Black Nickel. New. Special curved shank with very wide gape, perfect for parachute stylesand surface emergers, with guaranteed superior hooking power.

TMC 2302 Terrestrial
Sizes: 6-8 pack of 20. D/E, 2XL, Standard wire, Slightly humped shank, Forged, Bronze. A versatile design for stoneflies, caddis and hopper flies, as well as nymphs. It features a straight eye and slightly curved, 2X long shank. The Wire is 1X fine for enhanced floatation of the fly.

TMC 2457 Shrimp & Caddis pupa
Sizes: 6-18 pack of 20. D/E, 2X Wide, 2X short, 2Xheavy, Bronze. Same design as the TMC 2487, except with 2X heavy wire for added stength. An exceptional hook for glo-bugs and other egg patterns.

TMC 2487 Shrimp & Caddis pupa
Sizes: 10-24 pack of 20. D/E, 2X Wide, 2X Short, Fine wire, Bronze. A curved, fine-wire hook design that is especially effective for shrimp, caddis pupae and other emerger imitations. This model is 2X short and 2X wide in the gape for more secure hooking on large fish.

TMC 2487BL
Sizes: 10-20 pack of 20. D/E, 2X Wide, 2X short, fine wire, barbless, bronze. Same design as TMC2487 except barbless. The longer point allows for the same secure hooking power.

TMC 2487G Shrimp & Caddis pupa
Sizes: 12 pack of 20. D/E, 2X Wide, 2X Short, Fine Wire, Gold. Same design as the TMC 2487 except finished in Gold.

TMC 2488 Nymphs and Shrimps
Sizes: 12-20 pack of 20. D/E, 3X Wide, 2X Short, Fine Wire, Forged, Bronze, Continuous bend similar to TMC 2487 but with a wider gape to ensure better hook-ups.

TMC 2488H
Sizes: 12-22 pack of 20. Curved nymph, straight eye, 2x short, 3x heavy version of the popular 2488 hook.

Sizes: 10-18 pack of 20. Straight eye, 2x heavy, 3x wide, 2x short, forged, SPR point, barbless, bronze. 2X heavy SP hook for maximum strength. Truly versatile design, perfect for big fish on small nymphs, strong enough for steelhead.

TMC 3761 Wet Fly/Nymph
Sizes: 6-16 pack of 20. D/E, 1XL, 2X Heavy, Sproat bend, Bronze, 1X long for tying more extended nymph patterns.

Sizes: 10-16 pack of 20. D/E, 1XL, 2X heavy, sproat bend, SP point barbless, bronze. Sames design as TMC3761 except with SP point. A standard part of every fly tyers nymph hook collection.

TMC 403BL Hooks
Nymph, 60 degrees vertical eye, Wide gape, Medium wire, Super fine Barbless point, Black nickel. New Tiemco jig hook with needle sharp barbless point- the perfect hook for all your jig flies.

TMC 5212 Hopper & Terrestrial
Sizes: 8-16 pack of 20. D/E, 2XF, Perfect bend, Forged, Bronze. A 2X-long dry fly hook based on the same design as our nymph and streamer hook. The long shank makes it useful for imitating hoppers, adult stoneflies and caddis flies, as well as some of the largest mayfly duns.

TMC 5263 Nymph & Streamer
Sizes: 2-18 pack of 20. D/E. 3XL, 2X heavy, Perfect bend, Forged, Bronze. A versatile nymph and streamer hook that uses the TMC perfect bend to produce a classic design. The shank is 3X long and uses 2X heavy wire for added strength. This hook should be a standard part of every fly tyer's basic selection of hook's.

TMC 531
Sizes: 10-16 pack of 20. Dry fly, D/E, 2XF, 2X short, perfect bend, black. Wide gape and short length gives wider hooking angle which, with extremely sharp point, holds fish well.

Sizes:6-12 pack of 12. Low water salmon double, Up eye, Wide Gape, Black Nickel, exceptionally strong.

Sizes: 8-14 pack of 20. D/E, 1XH, 1XW, TCS point, limerick bend and TC point to ensure secure hooking and holding.

TMC 8089 Bass Bug
Sizes: 10-12 pack of 12. Straight eye, Fine Wire, Wide gape, Forged, Bronze. A specialized hook for tying bass bugs. The straight eye and wide gape are helpful for tying deer hair, an essential part of many bass patterns. The fine wire on this model helps keep patterns 'floating like a cork.

Sizes: 10-20 pack of 20. D/E, 1XF, 1XW, semi drop point, B/less, black. Semi dropped barbless point ensures easy hooking and size range covers many typews of flies and fishing.

Sizes: 12-14 pack of 20. Dry fly, emerger, D/E, 2XF, B/less, black. Feather weight hook for very sparsely tied driers. Hook turned slightly inward to compensate for hooking shock of fine wire.

TMC 600SP SPR Point
Sizes: 1/0-8/0 pack of 12. 3XH, 2XS, 3XW, ST/E, F, Black nickel. The latest style of big game hook, large eye to take shock tippet, superb strength, corrosion resistant black nickel to avoid spooking fish.

TMC 911S Saltwater Fly
Sizes: 4-3/0 pack of 12. Straight eye, 4XL, 3X strong, Forged, stainless. A versatile stainless steel saltwater hook with a very small barb, strong wire and an extra long shank. This hook was designed for saltwater baitfish imitations especially where a long, thin profile is desired.

TMC 811S Saltwater Fly
Sizes: 8-3/0 pack of 12. Straight eye, Standard length, Extr Strong, Forged, Stainless. Designed as a basic stainless hook for saltwater fly fishing. This model covers a wide variety of saltwater flies and game fish, with a particular emphasis on bonefish, permit and similar patterns.

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