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Snowbee Waldron Vice
The main head axle runs on two sealed stainless steel ball-race bearings. Tension for the 360° rotating head is by means of a tension screw at the rear, operating on two delrin washers. The vice jaws are joined to the main head by means of a simple linkarm. Two Allen screws allow setting up of the jaws for total rotational symmetry about the centre line, irrespective of the hook gape. The precision jaws feature two precisely milled grooves to allow different sized hooks to be held securely - from as small as #30’s right up to large single Salmon irons and the largest saltwater fly hooks available. All vices come with a purpose designed carrying bag, allen key adjuster tools, full instructions and a 5 year Manufacturers Warranty.

Lawrence Waldron is recognised world-wide as one of the premiere designers of fly tying vices. His name is legendary amongst international fly tiers and his vices have a classic simplicity of design, which sets them apart from their peers. A conversation at the 2004 British Fly Fair sowed the seed of what was to become a ‘dream team’ co-operation; Waldron design - Snowbee manufacture.

The idea behind this product was to create a fully practical, versatile vice, with a good working area, used in the normal position or through 180 degrees, allowing good access to the hook at all times. Another consideration was the hook holding ability from the smallest hooks (size 30) to large hooks (10/0). Purposely designed to suit both left and right handed tiers, through a simple conversion of the connecting arm. The vice has simple, clean design lines to provide a clear and uncluttered working area. Designer of Snowbee vice, Lawrence A Waldron

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