Snowbee XS-PRO Wading Boots - Combi Felt Sole* - Details

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• Green/ Black 1200 denier polyester upper
• Green PU synthetic leather reinforcing
• Toe and heel reinforced with stiffened, chafe resistant black PVC material especially for protection in rocky and stony rivers
• High density moulded EVA foam mid-sole to cushion any impact
• Mid-sole stitched to the upper for extra strength
• Two small side drain holes for quick drainage
• Mid-sole deep enough to accept screw-in studs
• Unique polyester webbing lacing loops stitched right through the upper of the boot for extra strength and ease of lacing
• 4 top lacing hooks, to grip and hold laces whilst tying
• Stiffened inner sole plate prevents torsion
• Moulded ethafoam insole for added comfort and support
• Wide opening assists stepping in and out in stockingfoot waders
• Deep, fully stitched tongue prevents gravel and sand from entering
• Padded ankle collar adds extra comfort and support

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