Penn Mag2 Multiplier Reels - Details

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Penn Mag2 Multiplier Reels
Features include an instantly finger adjustable external magnetic braking system and a disengaging pinion gear with live spool spindle making the spool totally free from restriction and drag when in free spool mode that ensures easy, trouble free, long distance casting. Also featured are shielded stainless steel ball-bearings, a forged aluminum spool, and a tough HT-100 drag system that can really lock down on big fish, such as conger and fast running tope. These reels enjoy a cult following and are a top seller for all beach and rock fishing situations.

• Graphite frame and aluminium reinforced graphite side plates.
• Forged aluminium spool.
• 6 stainless steel shielded bearings.
• Instant anti-reverse bearing.
• HT-100 powered drag system.
• Disengaging pinion with live spindle.
• Indexed magnetic braking system.

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