Orvis Hydros Bass/Warmwater Fly Line* - Details

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Orvis Hydros Bass/Warmwater Fly Line*
Hydros Bass/Warmwater Fly Line

• Deliver big bugs, poppers, and other wind-resistant flies with confidence.
• Compact head and short front taper turns over the big stuff with ease.
• Drive flies into tight, heavy cover where large bass lurk.
• Cast into the wind with less effort.
• Works great with heavy nymph rigs at short to medium distances.
• Line sizes 5-9.
• In light chartreuse.

Re-engineered, Redesigned, Remarkable
The all new Orvis Hydros Fly Line Series is not just another coating. It is a complete re-engineering of the structure of the fly line using new technology to attain unparalleled performance. Every inch of the Hydros has been re-engineered using new tapers, coatings, diameters, Hy-Flote Tip technology, innovative new welded loops, and ISS slickness additives to create an entirely new generation of high-performance Orvis fly line; including the remarkable and Orvis exclusive Hydros 3D microtextured lines that significantly reduce friction, improve flotation and eliminate tangling and are the future of fly line design. In addition, Orvis has reduced the carbon footprint by eliminating plastic packaging and replacing it with biodegradable spools and packaging as well as adding fly line ID so identification is quick and easy. A great rod can perform only to the limits of its line. Hydros Fly Line stretches those limits and takes casting performance to places we’ve not yet been.

Hyrdos 3D Features and Benefits:
• Hydros 3D lines feature a textured surface that traps air to provide superior shootability and flotation while eliminating line flash and vastly reducing friction. All of this comes with the added benefit of increased durability allowing the line to last up to twice as long. Because of the increased surface area, this line sits higher in the water offering less drag, easier mending, roll casting, and pick-ups and less water spray.
• Biodegradable packaging that eliminates plastic and significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the Hydros Fly Line Series.

Hydros Features and Benefits:
• The Hy-Flote tip technology on the Hydros trout lines lowers the specific gravity of the tip section to approximately 0.82 (water is 1.0) as compared to current Wonderline at 0.86 to 0.90. This lower density results in a higher and longer floating tip.
• A 20% increase in slickness over Wonderline.
• Significantly reduced weld thickness at the loop that eliminates hinging and increases weld and tip strength.
• Improved tapers on PowerTaper, Superfine, Bonefish, Tarpon, Salmon/Steelhead, and SW All-Rounder for much improved casting and fishing.
• The tip and running line diameters have been increased from 0.001 to 0.005 inches for all lines, resulting in lines that are easier to handle, float better, and tangle less.
• Orvis ID is an innovative line marking system that allows the angler to quickly and easily identify lines at a glance.
• Biodegradable packaging that eliminates plastic and significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the Hydros Fly Line Series.

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