Loop Multi Large Arbor Fly Reel - Details

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Loop Multi Large Arbor Fly Reel
• As with our Opti series of reels, the handle is positioned more towards the center of the spool, which allows faster line retrieve and more room when hand palming is desired.
• The counter balance incorporates a leader holder.
• The drag knob has been reset, so it does not catch your fly line while making a cast.
• Spool designed with a V-Shape for optimal fly line spooling.
• Conical shaped rubber handle that allows fly line to easily slip off and not get tangled in.
• Workhorse design that will not let you down in the heat of the battle, regardless of your catch.
• Designed in Sweden and built with specifically designed components crafted in Sweden.
• Available in 3 sizes: 3/6, 6/9 and 9/12.

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