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Costa Del Mar Mens Polarised Eyewear
NameHinge TypeLens Size A/BTemple LengthDBLBase CurveFrame MaterialLens Material
BlackfinIntegral60.8mm/39.6mm114.8mm16.5mm8 BaseTR-90580G, 580P, 400G Mirrors
BombaIntegral61mm/39mm118.1mm15.3mm8 BaseTR-90580G, 580P, 400G Mirrors
CorbinaIntegral61.3mm/36.9mm122.9mm17.1mm8 BaseTR-90580G, 580P, 400G Mirrors
CutIntegral60mm/39mm130mm10.2mm6 BaseTR-90580G, 580P, 400G Mirrors
FathomIntegral61.1mm/35mm117.6mm15.2mm8 BaseTR-90580G, 580P, 400G Mirrors
FischIntegral63.5mm/40.6mm119.9mm15.7mm8 BaseTR-90580G, 580P, 400G Mirrors
HammerheadOptical Spring62mm/35mm133mm19mm8 BaseTR-90580G, 580P, 400G Mirrors
HarpoonOptical Spring63mm/36.5mm130mm18mm8 BaseTR-90580G, 580P, 400G Mirrors
IsabelaOptical Spring63.5mm/38.5mm124mm16.5mm8 BaseTR-90580G, 580P, 400G Mirrors
Man-o-warIntegral62.8mm/35.4mm117mm16.2mm8 BaseTR-90580G, 580P, 400G Mirrors
PermitIntegral61.7mm/39.1mm115.4mm16.2mm8 BaseTR-90580G, 580P, 400G Mirrors
RockportIntegral69.3mm/42mm124.8mm10.7mm8 BaseTR-90580P
RoosterIntegral60.2mm/42.5mm114.5mm17mm8 BaseTR-90580G, 580P, 400G Mirrors
Seven MileOptical Spring60mm/37mm135mm17.5mm8 BaseMonel580G, 580P, 400G Mirrors
StringerIntegral55.2mm/34.2mm117.6mm18.1mm8 BaseTR-90580G, 580P, 400G Mirrors
TowerIntegral57mm/38mm123mm15mm6 BaseMonel580G, 580P, 400G Mirrors
Triple TailOptical Spring60mm/35mm130mm18.4mm8 BaseTR-90580G, 580P, 400G Mirrors

Costa C-Mates

NameHinge TypeLens Size A/BTemple LengthDBLBase CurveFrame MaterialLens Material
BallastIntegral59.6/37mm125mm14.5mm8 BaseTR-90580P
BrineIntegral59.1/34.9mm117.6mm17.9mm8 BaseTR-90580P
CocosIntegral59/46.4mm123mm15.5mm8 BaseMonel580P
FischIntegral63.5/40.6mm119.9mm15.7mm8 BaseTR-90580P
GalvestonIntegral67/40.8mm119.8mm10.7mm8 BaseTR-90580P
HowlerOptical Spring62.7/40.8mm136mm17mm8 BaseTR-90580P
InletOptical Spring58/40.6mm119mm14mm8 BaseTR-90580P
IsabelaOptical Spring63.5/38.5mm124mm16.5mm8 BaseTR-90580P
Tuna AlleyIntegral61.9/40mm114.8mm10.7mm8 BaseTR-90580P

Costa Technology
"I don't know much about patents, co-injected plastics or lens coatings. But I know what works, and I know what I like. I Live and work in conditions that kill gear fast, so I depend on products that perform. My Costas do just that. They're comfortable, they last and they let me see the world in high-def color. I ask a lot of my gear. At least my sunglasses never let me down"

There's a lens colour for every adventure. Find one that's right for you.

BLUE MIRROR (Gray Based Lens) - Offshore fishing and most water sports in bright sun conditions.
GREEN MIRROR (Amber or Copper Based Lens) - Inshore and freshwater fishing in variable conditions.
GRAY - Watersports, beach activities and offshore fishing in bright sun conditions.
AMBER - Fishing in fresh, shallow waters or flats and driving in all sun conditions.
COPPER - Sight fishing, driving and everyday activities where high contrast is needed.
VERMILLION - Inshore fishing, snow and mountain sports in overcast or low light conditions.
SUNRISE - Sport shooting and fishing at dawn and dusk.

"The glass mirrors are embedded in the lens, not stuck on the outside. Details like this are why I wear Costas"

"For me 100% polarization and 100% UV protection are not optional. Every pair of Costas has them"

Patents protect our cutting-edge technology, and we hold quite a few of them. U.S. Patents 6,334,680 and 6,604,824 are a couple of our favourites. Look them up.


Why Plastic?
Plastic is more lightweight than glass for added comfort. It's also impact resistant and extremely durable.

Why Glass?
Glass has the greatest clarity and scratch resistance. Plus, Costa LightWAVE™ glass is thinner & lighter than average polarized glass.

Costa 580G Lightwave Glass
Benefits of their most high-tech lenses:
• Superior clarity.
• 20% thinner and 22% lighter than average polarised glass.
• 100% polarised to kill glare and reduce eye strain.
• 100% UV protected for maximum protection.
• U.S. Patent No. 6,334,680

Costa 580P Plastic
Benefits of C-Wall coated lenses:
• 580 clarity.
• Lightweight and durable.
• Impact and scratch resistant.
• Outperform every other lens in the class.
• Now offered in mirror.
• U.S. Patent No. 7,506,977

Costa 400G Lightwave Glass
These lenses put Costa on the map and still outperform the competition.
Benfits of Costa 400G lense:
• 20% thinner and 22% lighter than average polarised glass.
• 100% polarised.
• 100% UV protected.

Materials: -

Fit is everything. I don't have time to think about my sunglasses, I just need them to work. Here are some of the details that make Costas fit so well you'll forget they're on your head.

Vented Frame - Costas patented venting system lets air flow between the face and the frames to minimise fogging on the lens. (U.S. Trademark Reg. No. 3,431,239)
Co-Injected Frames - Costas TR-90 nylon frame material is tough and durable. Costa fuse the nylon together with Hydrolite, their proprietary, hypo-allergenic rubber, which prevents slippage. As a result, Costa's co-injected frames offer the best-fitting, most comfortable sunglasses on the market today.
Bilateral & Trilateral Fusion Colour - Many of their new frames feature this new process to create a durable, chip-proof finish that's bult to last. Instead of "painting" frames to achieve colour options, Costa have engineered a system that fuses the colours under extreme pressure to the frame when it's being molded.
The Best Hinges - Costas hinges come in three types: integral, optical spring and barrel optical hinge. Stainless steel is used to resist corrosion and their hinges are flexible so that they keep their shape and fit perfectly.
Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Frames - Monel is a super tough, corrosion-resistant alloy that Costa use in their metal frames and rimless sunglasses. If you're on the water a lot, your glasses will get wet. Monel is up for the challenge.

Costa Limited Lifetime Warranty

Costa warrant Costa Sunglasses against defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Costa handles every repair or warranty claim directly.

Costa will repair or replace, at their option, any product determined by Costa to be a manufacturer's defect. Since eventual wear and tear can be expected, reasonable repair charges will be levied if repairs are necessary as a result of normal wear, scratched lenses, broken hinges, accidental damage, misuse or any other problems determined not to be defects. A small processing fee will be charged for each warranty claim processed.

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