Cocoons SLIM LINE Sunglasses - Medium Overglasses - Details

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Cocoons SLIM LINE Sunglasses - Medium Overglasses
The SLIM LINE comfortably fits over 60% of prescription eyewear. The SLIM LINE continues to be the leader in the Cocoons collection. Since its introduction, the unisex shape has completely redefined the OverRX sunwear category.

Cocoons are the answer for millions of us. Wear over prescription eyewear or as regular sunglasses and completely isolate the eyes from the elements. The patented frames slip right over prescription glasses protecting the eyes from the elements. Featuring Flex2Fit® temples ensuring an exact fit for each wearer. Patented OveRx® design principles address every aspect of the sunglasses function. Comfort, fit, quality and performance…nothing is overlooked.

Scratch resistant Polaré™ Polarized UV400 scratch resistant optically correct lenses in grey, amber or yellow cut through harsh glare and reflection to ensure crystal clear vision whilst the 360° of Advanced UV Protection™, allows eyes to remain relaxed and focused.

Available in a wide range of sizes, frame colours and lens tints, there is a pair just right for almost every situation. Choose the style and size you require and select the model number from the chart above.

Lifetime Warranty. Bend it, twist it, it won't break.

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