Cocoons Cat Sunglasses - Details

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Cocoons Cat Sunglasses
Designed to fit over prescription glasses
The CAT has a classic frame shape. It has been merged with OverRX design concepts to create the perfect match for smaller corrective eyewear that is based on round or oval shaped prescription lenses. The sunglass that defines functionality is fused with modern optical technology, resulting in sun protection that delivers awesome optical performance and 360 degrees of advanced UV protection.

POLARIZED. Optically correct polarized Polar TX lenses. Genuine scratch resistance.

Side Shields
Polycarbonate side shields. Permanently injected for the lifetime of the frame.

Isolate the eyes in 360 degrees of protection. The patented designs completely shelter the eyes from the elements.

Ultra lightweight Soft Touch frame. 30% lighter than comparable products.

Flex2Fit temples allow for customized adjustment and a secure fit. This feature eliminates discomfort over prolonged use and provides an exact fit every time.

Lifetime Warranty. Bend it, twist it, it won't break.

SIZE: SMALL - Fits prescription frames up to 4 15/16"W x 1 3/4"h (125mm x 42mm)

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