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Ultima Virage - High Performance Clear Fluorocarbon
In most styles of fishing, it is preferable for the line to sink and to sink quickly. When compared with the specific gravity of water, which is 1.00, Virage has a specific gravity of 1.77 while nylon is between 1.4-1.5.

This means that Virage will sink around three times more quickly than normal nylon. Field tests have shown that Virage only takes 15 seconds to sink 60cm, while nylon takes 45 seconds to reach the same level. This of course means that you get to where the fish are more quickly, vital in competitive situations.

Another advantage of Virage is its virtual invisibility in water due to its refraction which is much closer to that of water than that of nylon.

The light refraction ratio of Virage is 1.39 and that of water is 1.33. In comparison, the light refraction ratio of nylon can be anything between 1.53 and 1.65.

Virage absorbs no water, regardless of the length of time it is submerged, while nylon will absorb water to as high a level as 10% of its weight, even when submerged for as little as 1 to 2 hours. This water absorption affects the linear strength of nylon, as the chart below demonstrates.

Virage is a very stable product and is not affected to the same degree as nylon in extreme temperature conditions. Virage is also virtually unaffected by ultraviolet radiation and therefore will not deteriorate when exposed to direct sunlight.

The improved catch rates that result from Virage’s special characteristics in the areas of game, sea and match fishing have persuaded many people that the higher price of Virage is well worth the investment.

A remarkable product for the specialist angler.

"What makes Virage so special is the low diameter and it’s excellent knot strength. This, added to the invisibility factor, makes the line very difficult for the Carp to detect. This could be just the edge that you are looking for."
Advanced Carp Fishing Magazine

"Something that makes Virage stand out from other fluorocarbon lines is the low diameter and excellent knot strength."
Total Carp Magazine

"Suitable for all styles of fishing. A great leader material."
Bob Edmunds

"One of the strongest and most robust leader materials I’ve tried today. Great knot-strength and hard-wearing into the bargain. Sinks very fast. Ideal for lure fishing."
Leigh Pond

"Excellent knot strength."
Phil Barker

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