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Ultima Power Steel Monofilament

Use Power Steel in any situation on the reel or pole and you will be so impressed.
We have tested all the other lines with any presence on the market under laboratory conditions and none of them come close to the strength and knot strength of Power Steel.

Change to Power Steel with total confidence that you'll significantly improve the performance you get from your line in every respect.

Strength is the most important characteristic for any line and Ultima have worked tirelessly over the last three years to advance performance in this area to new levels. Power Steel is the result. With an increase of on average 30 per cent in both linear and knot strength compared with anything that has been available previously, Power Steel is the strongest line there is.

Ultima's technology means that strength and usability go hand in hand. Power Steel has been developed with an ultra low stretch which means that you will never miss a bite and always have maximum control.

The instant contact and control puts more fish on the bank. It gives the feel of braid but with all the advantages of mono when feeder fishing or fishing at distance.

Like all Ultima products, Power Steel is designed to deliver the maximum possible knot strength. Our technical expertise and experience have been combined to deliver a relative knot strength that exceeds anything else on the market by a huge margin.

The latest materials give an abrasion resistance that is hard to believe. We have never had a line that has produced such phenomenal results in our lab and the practical and field test results have been just as impressive.

Power Steel is accurately rated for diameter as with all Ultima lines, so you can cast further than with most other lines. Power Steel is smooth, soft, supple and presents the bait perfectly. It's as user friendly as any line you'll have ever seen.


"I'm just so impressed by this line. I've never seen anything quite like it. I've been using Power Steel on the feeder and on the waggler and it's contact with the bait is incredible.

The first time I used it fishing for bream I couldn't believe it, it was just like fishing with braid but without the disadvantages, it has instant pick-up but sinks much quicker than braid.

Power Steel is perfect on any water"
Andy May

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