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Ultima Flo-Cast Hollow Monofilament
The six microgrooves reduce any tendency for the line to twist to a minimum, ensuring it stays straight with it's original extruded profile. This is a remarkable development and an advantage that many see as being the most important in this line's specification.

The reduced surface friction resulting from the grooved surface and lighter weight assists longer and smoother casting.

Flo-Cast's hexagonal central hole reduces it's specific gravity from 1.14 to 1.04, making the line more buoyant and permanently floating.

Flo-Cast is so revolutionary that the extent of what it can be used for has yet to be fully established. We do know that it is already delivering in the areas for stick float and wagler fishing and the unique characteristics of this new product will give great benefits in float fishing, carp fishing, trout fishing and rig making when beach fishing.

To get a central hole in a diameter as fine as 0.18mm is a remarkable feat and at present, although we have been asked, it doesn't look as though we can go any lower than this. The other remarkable thing is that the ultra high quality polymers mean that Flo-Cast is as strong, or stronger than most other hi-tech lines that don't have a hole in the middle.

It is generally recommended that Flo-Cast is used only when the general water temperature is above 10 degrees celsius. Due to the method of construction, high abrasion in very cold conditions can cause splitting in the line and while this does not affect the line's performance it can make it difficult to handle. If this does happen the section can be simply cut off and replaced.

The colour has been carefully chosen making it invisible against the sky from the fishes point of view but clearly visible on the surface so the angler knows when to correct any bow in front of the float.


"I think the Flo-Cast is possibly the most impressive line I've come across, I'm convinced it's getting me more bites. If I'm correct I'm sure it's the only hollow line available on the coarse angling market and Ultima definitely have a winning line here. Whenever I tell people about the line they are impressed. The colour is unusual but perfect as it gives good visibility to the angler but is very well camouflaged against the sky when in use".
Mike Shaw

"The best floating line I have ever used, if you fish on the surface for carp give this a try, you will never look back."
Pete Wilson

"Since I first saw Flo-cast I have continued testing and experimenting with it and firmly believe it to be the best float reel line on the market. It has outcast anything I have previously used before and is very strong with lots of stretch in it to cushion those lunges of big fish when they are ready for netting. It is exceptionally good for stick float work when long trotting as the line just doesn't sink. It is also fantastic for all types of waggler work. For the waggler and stick float work Flo-Cast is simply unbeatable for this type of fishing and I think there is a very significant place in the market for this product as more and more people are beginning to use the pellet waggler, normal waggler and stick float now."
Andy May

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