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Snowbee XS Floating Fly Lines
By using a computer controlled production system we are able to incorporate minute changes to fly line profiles to meet the very precise demands of today's modern fly fishers. Add to this the unique Snowbee 'high-performance' and exclusive coating process and you have a fly line with the slickest finish, lowest-friction & lowest memory characteristics you'll find anywhere - the envy of our competitors.

In 2007 we only introduced one new fly line; the "Buzzer", but what a huge success it turned out to be. This line combined all the casting and presentation benefits of the traditional Snowbee XS floating line with the added benefit and sensitivity of the short intermediate sinking tip. Together we produced a great casting line, which when finished with nymphs or buzzers from bank or boat, had the habit of producing more fish than the traditional floating line.

For casting and performance once again Snowbee lines came to the fore with reviews last year too, achieving Best in Test in no less than three of the four major reviews in 2007. These included Trout Fisherman for the Slow Intermediate, Trout and Salmon with the Scandinavian Spey and Total Flyfisher Choice in their annual floating line review with the popular Blue and Ivory Twin colour.

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