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Snowbee 3-Dimensional Spey Casting Lines
3D Spey Casting Fly Lines ……
In all cases, successful Spey-Casting requires fine line control and split-second timing. The amount of line exposed to the rear of the caster is also of paramount importance. During the concluding moments of a Single and Double Spey or Snake Roll, a 'D' loop is formed alongside and to the rear of the caster. Optimal 'rod loading' is achieved when the 'D' loop is at maximum stretch and the fly line 'Head' and rear taper are almost completely outside of the tip ring. If executed using a perfectly balanced line, this 'intentional hinging' of the rear taper not only improves the potential for narrowing the loop in the forward cast but it also increases both line speed and distance ….we call this the 'Optimum Rod-Load Point'.

On large open rivers there is normally plenty of room for Spey-Casting and the size of the 'D' loop is not a limiting factor. Spey-Cast your way down a tree-lined river or steep sided river however adds another Dimension. Using a line with too short or too long a head and finding the optimum rod-load point is left pretty much to guesswork. The Snowbee development team has tackled this situation head-on and produced a range of lines that are perfectly balanced for Spey-Casting in just about any river environment. And for 2007 we have added a new dimension to help with the longer Salmon rods and bigger rivers especially - the 4D line. (with 84ft head length).

For a few years now, Snowbee have led the way in Spey fly lines and the revolutionary 3D balanced system helped pioneer the way forward. With this enormous success and growing reputation, we continue to listen and respond to customer requests and we have introduced further advances to help the Double handed Spey Angler through 2007 and beyond.

The new 1D, 2D & 3D and now 4D -Spey-Casting Lines are colour-coded, providing you with a choice of specific head lengths and corresponding weights to suit your preferred Spey Rod and Spey Casting requirements.

These head weights are specifically matched to the 'Optimum Head Weight' (OHW) designated on our new XS-P & Zr2 Spey rods for the perfect balance.

1-D Spey Lines (51ft Head)
Suitable for Spey casting in Small rivers where bank side vegetation and/or steep sided river banks severely limit the back cast area.

2-D Spey Lines (62ft Head)
Suitable for Spey casting in medium sized rivers where bank side vegetation and/or steep sided river banks have minimal impact on the back cast area and ideal standard line.

The ever popular 2D line has been further enhanced and now has an extended running line for 2007. Casting has now been made so easy with technology, that the conventional length of running line is no longer enough to accommodate the ability of most of today's anglers, with a 2D line in their hands. Spey Casting, distance presentation can now be fulfilled in the 21st century style and this most popular and now enhanced 2D line, will accommodate new levels of performance in Spey Casting.

3-D Spey Lines (73ft Head)
Suitable for Spey casting in larger more open rivers, where steep sided banks and vegetation do not inhibit the back cast.

We have developed two new sinking Spey lines in the 3D format. Firstly an intermediate, medium sinking line, plus considerably faster sinking line the fast sink, for the bigger, heavier conditions and genuine depth presentation.

4-D Spey Lines (84ft Head)
Most suitable for Spey casting on big open rivers where long range may be desired, with longer rods especially and maximum head length can be utilised.

As if the above was not enough, we have been requested to extend the whole 3D range of lines yet further and are working on a new 4D line, featuring an 84 foot head! This will be best suited to the longer 15 and 16 foot rods and designed to be perfectly balanced with our XS-P double handed series, in particular. Tests revealed that a longer head was easily handled with these rods and a full line easily exceeded; even the long 73 foot 3D head! The 4D provides plenty of capacity to extend ones reach to the limit. Consequently the 4D will take its rightful place alongside the established 3D series and will be available in 10/11 and 11/12 configurations, in the full range of existing and new fishing densities, floating, sink tip, intermediate and fast sinking.

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