Rio AFS (Advanced Flight Spey) Shooting Head - Details

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Rio AFS (Advanced Flight Spey) Shooting Head
AFS™ Shooting Head Kit - Floating
A package comprising of a floating AFS Shooting Head, a 0.035” Powerflex core floating shooting line and a wallet with three different density VersiLeaders (floating, intermediate and fast sinking) in a simple kit that covers many fishing situations. AFS™ (Advanced Flight Spey) Shooting Head.

AFS™ (Advanced Flight Spey) Tracker Multi Tip
The AFS Tracker comprises a High Vis floating body with four Rio 15’ Interchangeable tips (as used in our Versitip Spey Lines) making it the most versatile option available for “Sink Tip” work by ensuring you have the ability to reach and maintain depth in faster water, and deliver bigger flies than a Floating head/Leader combination will allow. The tips included in a Rio Mesh Wallet are: clear intermediate (1.5 ips, 4 cm/s), DC Type 3 (3 ips, 8 cm/s), DC Type 6 (6 ips, 15 cm/s) and DC Type 8 (8 ips, 20 cm/s) sinking. Each AFS head has RIO’s bulletproof, welded loops in both ends for easy rigging.

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