Snowbee Classic Combo Kits - Details

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Snowbee Classic Combo Kits
Available in 6 models:

10078 Classic JUNIOR Combo Kit 7' #5/6 - New For 2017
The Classic Fly Rod 7ft #5/6 was introduced many years ago and soon became a top-seller, ideal for small wrists with a heavier line weight to load quickly and effortlessly. Also makes an ideal brook rod particularly in windy conditions.

10072 Classic Combo Kit 8’6” #4/5 4-pce :
Ideal for river or small still waters and makes a great ‘Starter Kit’ for juniors.

10073 Classic Combo Kit 9’0” #5/6 4-pce:
A good ‘all-round’ kit equally at home on the river, still water or reservoir.

10074 Classic Combo Kit 9’6” #6/7 4-pce:
An ideal larger still water or reservoir kit. The longer, more powerful rod providing that extra distance often required on larger waters.

10075 Classic Combo Kit 9’ #7/8 4-pce
A more powerful outfit ideal for single handed Salmon or Sea-Trout fishing, but equally suitable for Pike or Saltwater.

10077 Classic Combo Kit 10' #6/7 4pc
A new addition, the 10ft #6/7 is the perfect rod for all stillwater or light river sea-trout applications. The crisp middle to tip action provides effortless distance casting and plenty of reserve power to play larger fish.

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