Snowbee XS-Plus 'Countdown' Fly Lines - Details

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Snowbee XS-Plus 'Countdown' Fly Lines
Having comfortably achieved that XS-Plus extra distance, one simple has to be able to count! From the XS-Plus Countdown 2 in Natural Olives through to the Ultra Fast 7 wt, the Countdown two colour lines all have a colour change to indicate the precise load point for optimum casting performance.

The running line has also been extended by 20 feet over a normal Snowbee XS to allow for the extra casting distances achievable. With the line having no memory issues, ones time on the bank or boat is more productively spent fishing and you don't have to start to retrieve on the backing.

Choose 'Countdown' for precise depth control.
To maintain the performance of the Countdown Series Lines, regular cleaning and application of Snowbee degreaser will help keep the line consistent and clean from grease and silicon, which will affect sink rate if left untreated.


Two coloured in natural olive greens to avoid spooking fish but still visible to see depth of retrieve. At 2 inches per second sink rate, this represents the slowest in the XS-Plus Countdown series it is perfect for fishing nymphs or lures beneath the surface on river or stillwater and will account for many bonus fish 'on the drop' as the flies sink slowly, whilst counting down to the desired fishing depth.

Colour: Dark Olive/Light Olive
Sink Rate: 2ins/second


With a sink rate of 3ins/sec this has been designed for fishing nymphs in moderate depths, especially when the wind is up a little or with a booby on the point to provide a washing line style of fishing. When the fish are feeding or holding 3-5ft below the surface, Countdown 3 can be ideal for reaching that popular target depth with about 15 secs and then a continuous moderate retrieve will help maintain the flies at the desired fishing depth for much of the way back.

Colour: Dark Brown/Light Grey
Sink Rate: 3ins/second


Countdown 5 averages a sink rate of 5 inches per second, which is perfect for fishing a team of sunk lures at moderate depth on a rough day, with a good degree of control. Traditional lures and boobies can be combined with mixed leader lengths to provide the ultimate presentation at whatever depth required. Countdown 5 will quickly deliver ones flies to required depth, from a boat for example, without losing valuable time and distance, as the boat continues to drift quickly forward.

Colour: Mid Grey/Light Grey
Sink Rate: 5ins/second


The fastest sinking Snowbee line ever, at a density achieving an average sink rate of 7 inches per second, this line will provide optimum distance and depth in the roughest of weather conditions. Capable of reaching the bottom in nearly 20 feet of water in around 30 seconds and with a low stretch core for maximum sensitivity, this line is ideal for lures or boobies in all weathers or simply fishing ones flies hard on the bottom in no time at all.

Colour: Charcoal/Light Grey
Sink Rate: 7ins/second

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